Guangzhou Best Clothing Wholesale Market Guide

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Guangzhou Best Clothing Wholesale Market Guide

It is well known that Guangzhou is the main production and wholesale place for the entire clothing industry in China and one of the world's most famous clothing wholesale markets. This huge market is full of unlimited business opportunities, attracting countless foreign buyers to come to trade commodities.

Want to start your clothing shopping journey but don't know where to begin? This article will tell you where to find the best source for your business!

 1.Thirteen Factories (十三行

     The Thirteen Factories or Thirteen Hongs of Canton is a large clothing wholesale area, and the New China Plaza is the core area of thirteen factories. As a prosperous wholesale market in Guangzhou, the thirteen factories clothing wholesale market is positioned to sell mid-range clothing, including suits, shirts, leather clothes, sweaters, jeans, etc. The styles of the thirteen factories of women's clothing are updated very quickly, attracting customers from China and all around the world to come to purchase, as well as a large number of 1688 and Taobao shop owners. Reasonable prices and fashionable styles must be the most attractive reasons for attracting mainly global buyers.


 Opening Hours: 8: 00 – 14:00

 Address: Changti Road Shopping Leisure Street, Guangzhou, China

2. Shahe clothing wholesale market(沙河服装批发市场)

    Shahe Clothing Wholesale Market is the second largest garment wholesale in Guangzhou, mainly deals in low- and medium-grade garments. It has a certain advantage in the garment wholesale industry in South China and attracts domestic, Middle East, and African merchants to purchase.


Shahe Clothing Wholesale Market Main Categories:

Wanjia Clothing Wholesale City(万佳): The third floor mainly sells branded men's clothing. Includes suits, jeans, business menswear and so on.

Yimin Clothing Wholesale Market(益民): A comprehensive large-scale wholesale market dominated by denim.

Sha Dongyouli Costume Wholesale Nancheng(沙东有利南城): Mainly do fashion clothing, girly style of Japan and South Korea.

Sha Dongyouli International Costume Wholesale City(沙东有利国际): All kinds of home clothing and men's and women's dress trousers, etc., positioning is low-end clothing.

Changyun Center Market(长运中心: There are clothing for the elderly and sportswear. Men's leisurewear.

Beicheng Costume Network Wholesale City(北城): Suitable for low-end products. The first floor is mostly clothing for the elderly, and the second floor is mostly men's T-shirts. The price ranges from 10 to 30 RMB.

Opening Hours: Weekday 5:00-11:00; Weekend or holiday 5:00-14:00

Address: Shahe Clothing City, No. 2153, Guangyuan East Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou city

3.Baima Clothing Wholesale Market(白马服装批发市场)

   Founded in 1993, Guangzhou Baima Clothing Market is the mid-to-high-end clothing market with the largest scale, the most luxurious decoration, the most complete supporting facilities, the most standardized management, and the largest transaction volume in Guangzhou. It is not only a spot wholesale and retail center for medium and high-end clothing but also a chain franchise center for clothing brands. It has a variety of trading ways such as wholesale and retail, sample orders, monopoly agency, and franchise.


Product Range:

Basement Floor: Knitting; Leisure; Children's Clothing; Underwear; Leather Goods; etc.

First Floor: Trendy Women's clothing

Second Floor: Trendy Clothing

Third Floor to Fifth Floor: Fashion Brand Women's Clothing

Sixth Floor: Fashion Brand Men's Clothing

Seventh floor: High-quality Brand Men's Clothing

Eighth floor: European and Korean Style Women's Clothing


Take Notes:

 a. MOQ; Most of the merchants do not support retail, the MOQ varies from merchant to merchant (generally ten pieces). Also don’t forget to bargain.

 b. Business cards are important; Baima clothing wholesale market has many shops, it is necessary to ask the shopkeeper for a business card to distinguish them.

 c. End-of-season clothes are the cheapest; Baima starts to sell autumn and winter clothes from August to September, and sells spring and summer clothes after Chinese New Year.

 d. Carriage; There has a logistics center on the first floor, from which you can easily deliver the goods to your warehouse.

 Opening Hours: 830 - 530

Address: No. 16, Zhannan Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou


 Whether you are doing women's clothing, men's clothing, or children's clothing, you must have a clear idea and plan before wholesaling. At last, good luck to you!



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