Our Sourcing Services assists businesses of all sizes to take advantage of direct sourcing from China. With our services we enable you to compete business on a global basis. Buyers and wholesalers around the world who purchase in China have a wide variety of suppliers to choose from. There is a much better chance of getting the products they want, at the highest quality,

  • Sourcing and Purchasing

    Sourcing and Purchasing

    We all know that Product...

  • Inspection and Quality Control

    Inspection and Quality Control

    Quality Control is a system...

  • Shipment


    Different clients differ in the quantity, volume, weight...

  • ODM/ OEM

    ODM/ OEM

    Help your product from idea to manufacturing

  • Project Management

    Project Management

    Our professional project management team...

  • Company Registration and Work Visa

    Company Registration and Work Visa

    Wholly Foreign Owned...

  • Small Business Buyer Service

    Small Business Buyer Service

    Guangzhou Bright Future...

  • Taobao /1688 Buying Service

    Taobao /1688 Buying Service

    Taobao/1688 is the largest...


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Our Clients

Our Clients are in all over the world. We did our best to service them in the best manner.The choosed us because of our intent to give them all they want in trade in china.

Why choose us

We have been working in the field of china sourcing for over 12 years . During this period we have gained rich experience of a wide range of china suppliers.

  •  Free sourcing at first . No limited Order Amount. 

  •  No limited on product range,we source all sorts of products.

  •  Help your product from idea to manufacturing.

  •  Rapid response to customers.

  •  Identifying China source of supplying and negotiating the price.

  •  Honest between our customers and suppliers.

  •  Reduce your risk of working suppliers from china.

  •  Avoid Non-performance of sales contract after payment.

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Welcome to BrightFuture

Give your trust to us ,you will get more than what you paid !

Guangzhou Bright Future Consultancy Co., Ltd is located in Guangzhou, China with over 13+ years of sourcing experience in the international market as we also have branch companies in Hong Kong and Georgia. We offer global sourcing across a wide range of industries which can help our clients to manage their business costs, optimize revenues, and brings performance, quality as well as productivity benefits. Our goal is to take the best attitude to meet our clients' needs, always keep improving ourselves, providing the best services to our clients. We insist on “Honesty, Quality and Efficiency” service purposes.

We strive to source the most reliable suppliers and high-quality products that can meet all clients requirements, our persuasive sales representative will bargain on your behalf to ensure the best quality at the lowest cost. We believe only after we created value for our customers then we will get the value for ourselves. That is the reason why we survive.

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Our Feature

Heading for Our Feature

We provide sourcing service to our foreign customers to enable them to overcome the challenges at each step when business in china.Benefits to you:

·  1. can reduce the risk of working with suppliers from china.

·  2. can perform a quality checking before goods leaving the factory.

·  3. can avoid non-performance of sales contract after payment,and avoid other safer payment arrangement e.g. L/C which costs much bank charges and complicated document works.

·  4. no need communicate with lot of "windows"and resources and time can be used in a more centralized way 5.saving of business trip cost

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Agent background

Heading for agent Background.

China has now become the workshop of world industry.An abundance of cheap labour and hi-tech factories assues that this position will be retained for many years to come . Without specialized knowleage and local" on the groun" assistance ,doing business in china can be difficult with many unknow problems. Sourcing agent in china seeks to take the pain and headache out of all your trading in china .We serve as your office in china ,our qualifed team with many years of trading experience between chinese manufactures and overseas customers can guarantee that your business experience will be trouble free. We cover all the problems such as communications,negotiations, risk of payment, performance of invoice ,etc . It is no surprise that many western countries have turned their attention to china in their purchase . In the past 10 years,the rapid development of internet have greatly changed the way we live and trade ,internet has become the dominant way of foreign trade because of its convenience,informative and low-cost . "Made in China" has been always most popular on account of its competitive price .

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