Why You Should Import Products From China?

By Julie 2020


Worldwide, importing is a huge industry in their own right. And you'll find that the vast majority of people choose to import from China, whether they're big business importers or small buyers. You can even find no fewer than three "made in China" items in your home. Why do people all over the world import from China? What are the advantages of importing from China? We will answer these questions for you.


Nearly three decades since the 1990s, China has remained the title of "The World’s Factory" and has successfully positioned itself as the ultimate center of global manufacturing.


From the perspective of manufacturing, China has the following advantages over other countries:
1. Cheap Labor


China's current population has exceeded 1.4 billion, and China's young and middle-aged labor force has at least 300 or 400 million people, which is almost more than the total population of the United States. As the largest developing country, China has the advantage of abundant labor resources, which is also one of the important factors in attracting foreign businessmen to invest in China.
2. Strong Government Support


The Chinese government supports the export trade industry by increasing export tax rebates, holding down the RMB exchange rate, easing export restrictions and subsidies for foreign trade enterprises. What's more, China has paid great attention to international trade since ancient times. The Silk Road is a good example.
3. Great Supply Chain Ecosystem


Industrial production does not take place in isolation but depends on the participation of suppliers, parts manufacturers, distributors, government agencies and customers in the production process through competition and cooperation. In the past 30 years, China's supply chain ecosystem has changed a lot.


Since the 2010s, the Chinese government and enterprises have been working hard to get rid of the cheap image of "made in China" and the impression that some products are counterfeit and inferior in the international market. As China has a wide variety of manufacturing industries, a complete industrial chain, and a rich variety of products. All kinds of high-end to low-end manufactured products are available, leading to the fact that all kinds of "made in China "products have penetrated into the world.
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