Reasons Why You Need a Sourcing Agent in China

By Julie 2021


Sourcing agent plays an indispensable role in the international trade market, especially in China. Known as the "World’s Factory", China has a market with great potential, which attracts numerous foreign businessmen to carry out trade activities. Finding the perfect products and suppliers for your business is not easy, especially when you looking to place a large and long-term order, risks such as distance, language, jet lag, and quality control can be overwhelming. At this point, an experienced sourcing and purchasing agent is a "Risks Solver" that you need.

How does the purchasing agent help your business?

Sourcing agents have built a communication bridge between buyers and suppliers. They stand strong with buyers and strive to find the best quality products at the lowest costs to maximize the interests of buyers.

Main sourcing agent service includes:
1. Market Research - To find the most reliable suppliers
China’s trade market is large and widely distributed. If you are looking for a product, the sourcing agent will quickly target in the most advantageous area according to your needs. With the professional team to understand the supplier’s factory scale, the supply of raw materials, the number of workers, where the products have been sold, whether they have worked with well-known brands and the most important is the quality of the product itself.
2. Price Negotiation - Low costs, stay competitive
As we mentioned above, the purchasing agent is always on the same side with buyers and safeguard their interests. Before placing an order, the agent will help to do price negotiation and to obtain a competitive price for your products.
3. Quality Inspection – Reduce your risks
An excellent purchasing agent can make your China import journey away from troubles. They are fully committed to ensuring quality and customer satisfaction by collecting accurate information about orders from factories. Whether it is per, during, or after production, they will use their own powerful inspection system to ensure that the quality of the purchased products meets the requirements of customers.
4. Payment - Flexible and quick.
If you are engaged in international trade, there is no way that you never heard about 1688/Taobao. As the most powerful e-commerce platform in China, you can find any products you want here. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Taobao /1688 sellers do not support direct international delivery or even direct payment using a non-Chinese bank account. But having a sourcing agent can solve these problems easily. You just need to send them a link to the item you want to buy. After determining the details of color, size, and quantity, they will send all the separate items to you in one package, which is convenient, quick, and save time.
5. Import/Export duties, tariffs, and taxes
One of the greatest advantages of hiring an overseas sourcing agent is that they are locals; they speak the language and familiar with the local culture. A sourcing agent can handle all import and export duties, tariffs, and taxes for you, which can be a difficult challenge for a foreigner who is not familiar with specific national norms. A purchasing agent familiar with the local community and tradition can quickly and effectively solve these problems, thus speeding up the delivery of goods and reducing costs.

How to find a reliable sourcing agent?

The purchasing experience is the main factor you should consider. In addition, they must have excellent ability in product quality control, shipment, and auditing.

Guangzhou Bright Future Consultancy Co, Ltd is a professional sourcing agent with more than 10 years of experience and has been highly praised by new and old customers for a long time. Combined with the above service features, Guangzhou Bright Future will surely complete any procurement excellently, so as to solve the difficulties and maximize the benefits of your import journey in China.


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